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Bin Laden's Letters

Our lives could be simpler and a lot more fun. Our tax dollars could be used for our own citizens, education, parks, etc. Instead, our tax dollars are used to interfere in other countries' business, create enemies, and ensure the need for our government's protection racket. Our government will protect us from the enemies they have created, armed, financed and angered.

Bin Laden's Letters

Bin Laden has been telling us for years, in his various letters, how to stop terrorism: Get our troops and covert ops out of the Middle East, stop interfering in the internal governance of those countries, stop arming various Muslim governments or their enemies; stop inciting and financing wars in Muslim countries, stop killing Muslims, stop stealing their resources, etc. You can find Bin Laden's many letters by Googling "bin Laden letter". Mainstream media will NEVER print them. As a matter of fact, you may recall that, in 2001, mainstream media stated their reason was that the letters might contain coded messages. Duh!

Bin Laden's 1996 "declaration of war" letter describes coutries where we have militarily interfered or sabotaged governments, financed opponents, etc: "Palestine and Iraq...Qana, in Lebanon...Tajakestan, Burma, Cashmere, Assam, Phillipine, Fatani, Ogadin, Somalia, Erithria, Chechnia and in BosniaHerzegovina... GazaAriha and...the south of Yemen." He then adds his own country, Saudia Arabia and details "intimidation and harassment... abuse and confiscation of human and economical situation...miserable situation of the social services...casualties and fatalities...destruction of the oil industries..." Need I say more? Any fair-minded person who investigates must conclude that America, with over 730 military bases in over 130 countries, its out-of-control covert ops, its appropriation of other countries resources and its cultural arrogance has brought terrorism on itself. As one early commentator said, terrorism is "just a cost of doing business".


Hard Core tennis

Bin Laden has a good plan, and it is working, but it is not the plan that the controlled mainstream media tells you about. His plan is the one which I address throughout this website, and it is fundamentally an economic plan to accelerate the existing journey of our national security state, to bring us to bankruptcy sooner rather than later. In this regard, Bin Laden is a smart man who has learned from history, something our citizens ignore and our military-industrial-governmental-controlled media falsifies. Judge for yourself. Here is Bin Laden, from an October 29, 2004 speech:

"As previously mentioned, it was easy for us to provoke this administration and to drag it after us. It was enough for us to send two Jihad fighters to the farthest east to hoist a rag on which 'Al Qu'ida' was written -- that was enough to cause generals to rush off to this place, thereby causing America human and financial and political losses, without it accomplishing anything worthy of mention, apart from giving business to the generals' private corporations. Besides, we gained experience in guerilla warfare and in conducting a war of attrition in our fight with the iniquitous great power, that is, when we conducted a war of attrition against Russia with Jihad fighters for ten years until they went bankrupt, with Allah's grace; as a result, they were forced to withdraw in defeat, all praise and thanks to Allah. We are continuing the same policy -- to make American bleed profusely to the point of bankruptcy, Allah willing. And that is not too difficult for Allah."

Bin Laden had to face overwhelming odds in his fight against the Soviet Union and he learned how to think long term and creatively. We Americans have never had to face such odds, and consequently, we don't think long-term or creatively. Matter of fact, we don't think at all, we let the controlled media tell us what to think. The guys who will come out on top of all this are -- you guessed it -- the long-term thinkers at the top of the military-industrial-governmental complex.

Accoring to George Washington, we were supposed to stay out of "foreign entanglements". In the most important speech of his life, his farewell speech, Washington repeatedly emphasized the follies of foreign wars: "The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commerical to relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible...Why quit our own [ground] to stand upon foreign ground." Well, I suppose we could "stand upon foreign ground" if it brought money and power to our masters, the military-industrial-governmental complex. This is the same bunch that Eisenhower warned against. So whom do you believe -- George Washington and Dwight D. Eisenhower, or Wolfowitz, Cheney and Condeleeza Rice?