Cork Boards & White Boards

Simple, practical and cost‐effective solutions for large cork board and white board installations.

Where is cork board & white board used?

Used in any place where people met to learn, brainstorm or exchange ideas, such as:

  • Board rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Break rooms
  • Feature walls
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Reception areas

What are the benefits of corkboards and whiteboards?

  • Resilient and flexible
  • Hygienic and bacteriostatic
  • Long lasting, timeless and strong
  • Versatile and colourful
  • Practical and easy
  • Sustainable

How do I install large‐scale cork boards and white boards?

Check out our cork board & white board installation service for work done by installation experts.


Looking for a corkboard & whiteboard supplier in Canada?

BCP is a reliable supplier and distributor for cork board, bulletin board and white board products. We focus on Western Canada particularly the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma. We supply and install Forbo Bulletin Boards and Koroseal Walltalkers.


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