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Bulletin boards are handy devices for office boardrooms, classrooms and anywhere brainstorming takes place. However, the cork in bulletin boards can degrade easily as pins are moved, flaking away with the holes. This results in a shabby and unprofessional look for any environment, and can create quite a mess as the pieces fall to the floor. As a result, these boards must be replaced often, which can be a costly endeavour – and leave unsightly holes in the wall it is being hanged on.

Originally designed for flooring, Forbo has created its version of the Bulletin Board. By combining oxidized linseed oil, finely ground cork and rosin, this innovative company has brought about an easy to use bulletin board that heals itself. As soon as the pins are taken out of the board, the holes close up immediately. The boards are extremely durable, and have a sustainable footprint as well.

One other benefit to Forbo’s Bulletin Board is its cleanliness; the material does not attract dust and has inherent bacteriostatic properties, making it an excellent choice where hygiene is important, such as classrooms or in health care.

Forbo has many options available for its Bulletin Board, including those that come in rolls, frames, decorative shapes and patterns, and even those that can be used as separation walls or furniture.

The wall version of the bulletin board comes in rolls of up to 28 metres long and 1.22 metres wide, superb for conference rooms or hallways. Large widths of 1.83 metres are available in three colours as well. Sample colours include cinnamon bark, fresh pineapple, duck egg or oyster shell.

Framed Bulletin Boards in single colours or in combinations are excellent alternatives to the traditional bulletin board. Forbo can match colours in the room of the installation, or provide a contrast to stimulate thinking.

Bulletin Boards can be decorative as well as functional. As the material is easy to cut and flexible, it lends itself well to creating any design that you can think of. From honeycomb shapes to geometric patterns, the sky is literally the limit.

These inspirational message boards need not be installed only on walls; Forbo can create movable walls or even furniture pieces with the Bulletin Board. Examples include two-sided easels, which are mobile, to the walls of cubicles. Imagine being able to decorate your office space to your heart’s content, without having to worry about the holes you leave behind!H1: What are the benefits of Forbo Bulletin Boards?

Which colours does Forbo come in??

Download our product sample document on the right or contact us for more information about Forbo Bulletin Board colours and product samples.

What does Forbo bulletin boards cost?

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We supply these Forbo bulletin board products:

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How do I install Forbo bulletin boards?

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Forbo color samples

Forbo bulletin board colour samples

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