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Walltalkers® introduced dry erase wallcoverings over 20 years ago to remedy the many disadvantages of traditional chalkboards. Since inception, walltalkers has consistently provided a wide variety of presentation surfaces designed to perform to the highest standards and outlast less expensive low-performance brands.

Unlike other dry erase boards, walltalkers products are made with the highest-quality materials using a meticulous laminating process which utilizes a durable film and ensures 100% uniform coverage of the vinyl substrate. As a result, no thin spots or pinholes occur on the surface where ink, stains, and solvents can penetrate and leave permanent discoloration.

What are the benefits of Walltalkers?

  • Walltalkers products are made with the highest-quality materials and created using cutting-edge technology
  • Superior manufacturing processes results in an all-around longer-lasting and better-looking product
  • Product that have withstood extreme testing and exceeded even the most discriminating standards
  • All it takes is simple care to preserve and protect the beauty and performance of walltalkers surfaces
  • Typical dirt and stains can be removed by simply wiping with walltalkers dry erase cleaning cloths or a damp sponge and a mild soap or cleanser
  • Because we pioneered the technology, walltalkers is capable of anticipating customer needs and developing innovative solutions to meet these needs
  • Each step of the manufacturing process has been perfected to achieve today’s most durable and attractive communication surface.

Where are Walltalkers’ products used?

Rapidly taking the place of messy traditional chalkboards, walltalkers dry erase and tac•wall wall coverings have been an especially effective instruction tool in classrooms everywhere.

  • Educational environments. The number-one choice for resurfacing chalkboards
    Conference rooms. Meeting rooms in nearly any industry can benefit from walltalkers bright and easy-to-read surface.
  • Training facilities. Rapidly taking the place of messy traditional chalkboards, walltalkers dry erase and tac•wall®wallcoverings have been an especially effective instruction tool
    Retail settings. For increased versatility, tac•wall strips can be added as a border to your dry erase boards and can be used to hang posters or additional diagrams.
  • Graphic design environments. Endless communication possibilities.

What does Walltalkers whiteboards cost?

Please contact us to get a quote catered towards your specific needs.


Looking for a Koroseal Walltalkers distributor in Canada?

BCP Installations is an accredited Walltalkers supplier and distributor in Canada  mainlyserving the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Victoria & Surrey Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma.

We supply these Walltalkers bulletin board products:

  • ez•rite
  • koro•rite
  • koro•rite metallic
  • just•rite
  • learn•rite
  • line•rite

How do I install Walltalkers white boards?

We have a page catered towards receiving expert help on your project found here: Walltalkers whiteboard installation service.

Proudly serving the Lower Mainland Vancouver & Vancouver Island, British Columbia