Acrovyn Wall Coverings & Panels Authorized Dealer

Available in either wall coverings or wall panels, there are many different finishes, textures and thicknesses to choose from. Acrovyn by Design can also create specialized wall graphics, which do not fray or tear. Branding, photography, patterns and wayfinding are options for the by Design line.

 Acrovyn Wall Coverings include the Saratoga Series, which come in 0.40-inch and 0.60-inch thick sheets and vertical or horizontal mouldings. Multiple solid colours, textures, and simulated wood and metal options are available.

 The Acrovyn High-Impact Wall Covering series comes in 0.04 inch, 0.06 inch and 0.075 inch, in 64 solid colours. As well, the 0.04 inch and 0.06 inch coverings can come in chameleon patterns, and the 0.40 inch has Acrovyn textures available.

What does Acrovyn cost?

Please use the contact form to get a quote on your specific Acrovyn needs.

We supply these Acrovyn products:

  • Acrovyn wall panels
  • Acrovyn wall covering
  • Acrovyn door frame protection
  • Acrovyn handrails
  • Acrovyn crash rails
  • Acrovyn corner guards
  • Acrovyn chair railsf
  • Acrovyn kick plates

Looking for a Acrovyn distributor in Canada?

Our installation company is a licensed supplier and distributor in Canada for Acrovyn focused on serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma.

How do I install Acrovyn?

View our Acrovyn installation service for knowledgeable advice and assistance.

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