Inpro Wall Protection Authorized Dealer

From the imaginative Expressions Rigid Wall Sheet Covering to the durable Rigid Sheet, InPro (IPC) has a broad spectrum of options available. These easy to clean protective wall coverings can be provided in rigid vinyl or G2 BioBlend, a sustainable alternative.

The Rigid Sheet covering is excellent for heavy traffic areas and can come complete with corner guards. This product is also available in rolls, with many size specifications. You can choose either standard solid colours, faux wood patterns or Element patterns.

Designs can be created in the wall coverings, with the Expressions line. Any sorts of shapes can be used, from lions and tigers to words conveying important messages.

What does InPro wall panels cost?

You can get your inPro pricing by requesting “get a quote” through the contact form.

We supply these InPro products:

  • InPro wall panels
  • InPro wall covering
  • InPro door frame protection
  • InPro handrails
  • InPro crash rails
  • InPro corner guards
  • InPro chair rails
  • InPro kick plates

Looking for a InPro distributor in Canada?

Trusted as an authorized inPro supplier and distributor in Canada, BCP Installation  focuses on serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma.

How do I install InPro?

We recommend you look at BCP Installation’s InPro installation service for expert help with your project.

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