Korogard Wall Protection Authorized Dealer

There are 50 different colour options for the Korogard Wall Protection Systems, including simply white, quarry, fresh brew and eve blue. These coverings are made to last, and can conceal many minor scratches and scrapes. Standard sheet thicknesses include 0.28 inch, 0.40 inch and 0.060 inch, with over sizes available.

What does Korogard cost?

For the costs of Korogard, please use our get a quote form on the contact page.

We supply these Korogard products:

  • Korogard wall panels
  • Korogard wall covering
  • Korogard door frame protection
  • Korogard handrails
  • Korogard crash rails
  • Korogard corner guards
  • Korogard chair rails
  • Korogard kick plates

Looking for a Korogard distributor in Canada?

With years of experience, we have been an authorized Korogard supplier and distributor in Canada supporting the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma.

How do I install Korogard?

To get help on your project, please check out our Korogard installation service.

Proudly serving the Lower Mainland Vancouver & Vancouver Island, British Columbia