Crane FRP Authorized Dealer

Crane Composites is the largest global manufacturer of FRP wall panelling and their selection of wall and ceiling panels is extensive. They specialize in creating panels specific to certain industries, including cleanroom wall panels and restaurants. Many of their panels are Class A or Class C fire rated. With six different types of panels – Designs, Varietex, Glasbord, Kemply, Sequentia Flat and Sequentia Corrugated, there is much to choose from.

Within the Design line of FRP panels, there are 19 different types available. These include a simple Sierra Ash wood panelling to more specialty panels like Maui Marble and a Piri Blue Stripe. With 21 styles available in the Varietex Sandstone line, boring is not an adjective that is required. Some available styles include Linen Fawn Brown and Sandstone Cotton White – there are also tile replacements as well.

Glasbord is one of the most popular styles for Crane Composites, and come in 10 different colors from embossed white to embossed pearl gray and black. They are ideal for anywhere hygiene and durability are requirements, all while still providing character and personality to a room. Kemply panels are essentially single or double Glasbord panels that have been laminated, making them strong and rigid, and superb for ceiling tiles.

Sequentia Flat and Corrugated panels also come in a multitude of colours, from pearl gray to white and beige. They are excellent for bathroom or anywhere else where cleanliness and sanitation are important.

What does Crane FRP cost?

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Looking for a Crane Composites distributor in Canada?

Our company is an approved Crane supplier and distributor in Canada primarily serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Edmonton, Spokane, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Edmonton Calgary, Tacoma.

How do I install Crane FRP?

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