Marlite FRP Authorized Dealer

Marlite carries many different types of FRP panels, including Artizan, Induro, Envue, Symmetrix and Standard. Styles and colours can vary from simple and classic white to a custom graphic, excellent for restaurants or public gathering spaces. Marlite panels are GREENGUARD children and schools certified.

Artizan panels can be created in faux wood grain or custom designs, including visual or tactile textures. Marlite uses a “printed gravure process” to create these panels, ensuring an even and consistent print throughout the panel. They are also treated with Sani-Coat sealer, which is stain, bacteria, mould and mildew resistant.

Induro FRP specializes in wall protection, as the panels are created by affixing melamine – which is also used in laminate flooring and dry erase boards – directly to the FRP itself. These are also available in many styles, such as wood grains, colours and prints.

If you or your client are looking for high-impact graphics, look no further than the Envue panel. By using excellent graphic reproduction – custom or classic – and sealing the panels with Sani-Coat, these panels are almost works of art that can be wiped clean.

Symmetrix panels provide an alternative to tiling when tiling is too time consuming or expensive. These panels, which are available in a wide variety of scoring options, patterns and colours, are extremely similar to tiles without the installation cost or investment in maintenance and/or upkeep.

What does Marlite FRP cost?

For more info on the pricing for Marlite FRP, please contact us to obtain a price quote on your specific wall protection needs.

Looking for a Marlite FRP distributor in Canada?

BCP Installations is a leading authorized Marlite supplier and distributor in Canada primarily serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Surrey, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma.

How do I install Marlite FRP?

Check out the Marlite FRP installation service  for experienced help and info on your project.

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