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Moisture and water can be a problem when installing walls in horse stables, animal pens, car washes, greenhouses or food processing areas. The Octaform interlocking linear panels are an excellent choice for these applications, as they have vertical channels running through them to keep moisture away from existing walls.

Also of importance, the Octaform panels are screw mounted – you will never have to worry about delamination, a common occurrence in other materials. The panels can be ordered in lengths from eight feet up to 20 feet, and can be applied to steel studs, drywall, plywood, substrate or concrete.

Octaform is resistant to corrosion, fade and dirt. It is superb for washing stalls in barns, as it can easily be hosed off after use. Some barns have wash areas that only have bare wood as walls, which can easily cause mould, and a deterioration of the wall itself. One of the troublesome issues with mould in horse barns is their susceptibility to colic if any sort of mould is ingested. The easier the wash stall is to keep clean, the healthier the animal.

The same holds true to dairy barns, where the resulting milk is ingested by humans. The mould can cause health problems in the cows, which can then cause the cow to become sick. Hygiene is of utmost importance in any food preparation area.

Pet grooming parlors would love the Octaform panels. Pets, especially dogs, can be quite dirty animals – and when they shake, this dirty mud and water will go everywhere. The Octaform panels are easily cleaned, allowing the room to be spotless for a parlor’s next customer.

Car washes, by nature, are very wet places. Professional car washes have an average flow rate of three gallons per minute; as most car washes are usually about five minutes long, this amounts to 15 gallons of water – per car. That is a lot of water to go through one room. The Octaform’s specialized vertical channels will carry water away from the existing walls, ensuring that the material underneath never gets wet – thus eliminating any risk of mould or bacteria.

The bright white colour of the Octaform panels will also lend a clean, professional look to any business, whether it be a horse barn or a car wash. They are truly made to get wet, and will stand the test of time in any damp environment.

What does Octaform cost?

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