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Master Race?

The end of the line for the master race. The tragedy is that almost all the guys in the trenches would just as soon lay down their guns and walk over to their "enemy's" trenches and share their soup and crack jokes. It is the politico higher-up war junkies who like this business of killing. The Roman Empire required Senators who voted for war to send their sons into combat. Do you think we could get a law like that passed today?

I wish all the war lovers and media know-nothings could spend some quality time with the people I have: rape victims, children who saw their mother raped, men who lost a part of their face, men who lost their mind in POW camps, men who lost their teeth, their health, their country, their younger brother, their father; men who somehow survived the POW camps (Guantanamo comes to mind) and returned years later to a family of impoverished strangers. I wish this for you war lovers and you lazy, ignorant media fakirs. May you be oppressed by the evils you empower.