We are wall protection specialists. We focus on providing quality wall and door protection: After drywall goes up and before the interior decorators come in. We know our stuff and we pride ourselves on doing a good job. Our specialization means we can lower your costs by doing the job faster than others could.

We’ll come to your work site, do our job quietly and quickly, and then disappear. Like wall protection ninjas. No fuss, no drama, no hassles.

Watch this video to see how we work

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Protect Your Reputation!

Finished product wall systems are unfamiliar to non-experts and unforgiving when it comes to rookie mistakes. Avoid cost overruns, project delays and liability issues by choosing a proven and certified partner with proven experience and expertise to handle your Wall Protection work. Talk to us and we’ll tell you a few horror stories of wall protection installed poorly.

It’s ultimately your name that is attached to a project. Let us help you protect your walls and your reputation at the same time.

“BCP Installations provides excellent installation services and always stand behind their work.”
Devon Zeller, RTB Company Inc.
Bellevue, WA

We’ll help you win more bids

Contact us early in the your bidding process for advice on your project so that we can help improve your chances to win a bid and also help protect your profitability. We can help you avoid over bidding or under bidding on the wall protection component of your bid. If you over estimate, you may lose the bid. If you under estimate, you risk losing margins. Either way, you risk losing money! Let us be your ally in closing the deal profitably.

It’s ultimately your name that is attached to a project. Let us help you protect your walls and your reputation at the same time.

Need more proof that BCP Installations is right for you?
Let our past work speak for itself.


1 year warranty

All of BCP Installations’ services are warrantied for one year to help give you peace of mind.

Well trained

All of BCP Installations’ employees have experience working on sensitive, institutional projects. All installers are industrial first aid certified, scissor lift / boom certified and WHIMIS.

Certified Installers

BCP Installations’ installers have been certified to work with the products in our portfolio.


You can TRUST BCP Installations.

P3 Experience

BCP Installations is experienced in Public-Private Partnerships (P3). Check out our P3 work to see which projects we’ve been involved with.

Proudly serving the Lower Mainland Vancouver & Vancouver Island, British Columbia